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Unique Terroir


wines from nature

We are a family vineyard and nature is key for us because nature gives life. Our wines and our vineyard are her fruits. That’s why, from the very beginning, we cultivate the land and make wines organically, 

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Vineyard & Wine tasting Tours

Visit us and try our wines!


We love to host, show our vineyard and serve you our wines! That’s why we put together several programs so you can visit us and taste our fruits of labour. 

Wedding in vineyard

Perfect place for this special day


Open space venue, among vines, winery with huge windows, so all the time you can be surounded by nature. 

business events

Did we mention, that we love to integrate people?


Business wine tastings, team building games, or just relaxing in nature, deckchair and wine. 

Wines from Nature

Our wines are full of nature, untained by chemicals 

Wines from Nature