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We are about 20 km from Krakow (16 km from Krakow Airport) and 50 km from Katowice. 

We have two locations. Our vineyard – where we grow our vines – is located in a village called Rybna, street name is Winnica, while our winery – where we make our wines – is located in a village next door called Sanka.

vineyard address: Winnica Street, 32-061 Rybna

winery address: Sanka 253, 32-067 Tenczynek, Poland.

Driving directions  The fastest way from Krakow is to drive the nr 780 Krakow-Oświęcim interstate road. From Katowice, take the A4 Highway (exit Alwernia, we are 10 km away from the exit).

The best way to locate us or get driving directions is to type into Google “Winnica Jura” and a Google Map will show our precise location. However, if you are going to our winery instead, type into Google “winiarnia jura sanka” and the location will show on the map.

Call or email us if you have any questions: 

(+48) 509 788 676 Email:

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