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Organic Wine from Krakow

It's all in a family, it's our passion

Our vineyard was founded by Joanna & Marcin Miszczak, she – a WSET certified sommelier, he – a tango dancer/teacher who fell in love with wine while in Argentina. 

We are closely related to Kraków. We live here and we bring up our kids in the city. That’s why, from the start, our aim was to produce a high quality dry wine local to Kraków. 

We craft our wines with a true passion, but also because we believe that a healthy food is fundamental to our way of life, for us and our children. 

We hold an organic certificate both for vineyard and production.

Founded in 2015

Brief History


Vineyard planted

 Our journey began in spring of that year. On previously prepared field we planted 15,000 vines. Thanks to an automated planting machine, it all just took a day and a half. 



Wine tested

In 2016, we continued nursuring our young vines, including “green harvest” – cutting off all grapes while still green in order to strenghten the vines. From the few vines on which we left the grapes, we did our first test fermentation and got our first preview of the types of wines we will make in the future. 

proba winifikacji


First harvest

 It was a very intensive year. We constructed a trellis, fenced the vineyard and planted grass in the alleyways. Thanks to a EU grant, we purchased a tractor and some indispensable machinery. We continued to nourish our young vines until the faithful day when secators went to work. 

winobranie grzegorz


Wine production began

 Of course, after harvest it was time for fermentation. In a previously prepared winery in Sanka, we set up our stainless steel tanks for white wine and red open tanks for cabernet cortis, our favorite red.

produkcja wina


We are selling wines!

The time came, after three years of cultivating our vines, after three years of fighting various moods of nature, real-life obstacles and just daily adversities – we finally produced our first bottles of wine!



Officially Organic Wines!

After three years of an organic conversion, we finally got our full certificate which means that we are officially an organic wine producer!

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