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    From Our Family, Organic Vineyard near Kraków
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Our Polish Wines
are crisp, mineral and organic
30 minutes from Kraków's Main Square!

Polish Organic Vineyard

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We are a family vineyard and Polish wine producers, with 4 hectares of vines currently under cultivation. We produce organic red and white dry wines as well as sparkling wines Pet Nat.

Our vineyard is located on a south-facing slope of Jura uplands, amidst unspoiled nature reserve, protected landscape park and agricultural lands. Hence our name. Our terroir is heavy clay on a bedrock of limestone. From our parcel spreads a panoramic view of nearby lowlands and the mountains.

Because healthy food and clean environment are important to us, we cultivate our vines organically and make bio wines. 

We don’t use herbicide for weed control nor do we use synthetic pesticide. We cultivate our wines mechanically or by hand and use only eco approved sprays.  The result is a truly natural fruit which translates into the quality of our Polish wines.

Vineyard & Wine Tasting Tour

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