Welcome to Jura Vineyard

Organic Wines from Poland

30 min from Kraków's Main Square

With 4 hectare family vineyard, we are one of the largest Polish wine producers.

Our vineyard is located on a south-facing slope of Jura highlands, amidst unspoiled nature reserve, protected landscape park and agricultural lands. From our parcel spreads a panoramic views of nearby lowlands and the mountains.

Because healthy food and clean environment are important to us, we cultivate our vines organically. We don't use herbicide for weed control nor do we use synthetic pesticide. We cultivate our wines mechanically or by hand and use only environment-friendly sprays.  The result is a truly natural fruit which translates into the quality of our wines.



We offer English-language vineyard tours during which we will explain our approach to organic cultivation and talk about our experiences producing wines. In season, we can also include some practical hands-on aspects of vine growing. During the tour, we will do a wine tasting. Estimated time of the tour 2-3 hours.

Price: 360 PLN (about 90 Euro) for a group up to 6 people. Add 60 PLN (15 Euro) for each additional person. All prices are net without VAT. We can provide a VAT invoice.

To arrange a tour, please contact us at (+48) 509 788 676

Additional things to do in our vicinity:

- walk/bike to a fresh forest spring (2 km).

- take bike/walking trail through nature reserve leading to Alwernia monestery (9 km).

- visit partially restored Tenczyn Castle in Rudno (10 km).

- visit ethnographical park in Wygiełżów featuring an old Polish village (17 km).

- just take a blanket and relax while enjoying the views and surrounding nature (0 km).

- and, if you need a cozy place to stay in Kraków, we recommend our very own Tango House Bed & Breakfast just off the Main Market Square.


Sales of our wines will commence this spring.  We will offer dry and off dry wines, white and red, including Chardonnay, Cabernet Cortis and Hibernal. 

Our wines will be available through our online store, at our winery in Sanka and in a shop in Krakow. 

If you want to be notified once our wines go on sale, please go to the "Nasze Wina" section and input your name and email address. 


Our vineyard is located in a village called Rybna, off Wrzosowa street, while our winery is located in a village next door called Sanka, house number 253.

full address: Sanka 253, 32-067 Tenczynek, Poland.

Driving directions

We are located 28 km from the center of Krakow (16 km from Krakow Airport) and 58 km from the center of Katowice. The fastest way to get to us is using the A4 Highway (exit Alwernia, we are 10 km away from the exit). You can also get to us by driving the nr 780 Krakow-Oświęcim interstate road. 

The best way to locate us or get driving directions is to type into Google "Winnica Jura" and a Google Map with our precise location will show automatically. 

Tel: (+48) 509 788 676 

Email: krakow@gmail.com

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