Vineyard & Wine Tasting Tour


Visit Our Vineyard & Taste Our Wine

A magical place so close to Kraków

We offer Polish & English-language vineyard and wine tasting tours during which we will tell you about our vineyard and explain our approach and challenges to an organic cultivation. 

Afterwards, we will taste five of our white and red wines, served along with small local appetisers and spring water. Estimated time of the tour and tasting is 2-3 hours.

The cost is 50zl net per person, minimum 10 people. This offer is for groups only.

For individual visitors, you can come daily to our winery. In addition, we also organise a few times a year our SlowWine picnics and Harvest Fest combined with our vineyard tour. For dates, please see our facebook page.

For more information or to book a tour, please call us at (+48) 509 788 676 or email us at


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